Air-Conditioning – How to make your unit more efficient!

As we are approaching the summer months here in the UK, we thought we’d share our quick top tips for keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently…

Use a timer – Having the timer set to office hours will ensure no wastage of energy. Most modern air conditioning units have the facility to set timers for every day of the week including weekends where you may not require it to be turned on.

Thermostat- It is best to keep the air conditioning unit at one temperature (24°c in the summer and 22°c in the winter) to maintain its efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, changing the thermostat will not cool the room down any faster.

Keep windows/curtains/blinds closed- Blocking the sun out of the office will help to regulate the temperature by keeping the natural heat out. This can be done by keeping blinds and curtains closed during the day but remember to open them over night to let the heat escape.

Watch out for a leak –  Make sure your air-conditioning equipment isn’t leaking.  Engage certified contractors to carry out regular inspections (these are mandatory under the new FGAS regulations) and repair leaks immediately – a 10% loss of gas increases energy consumption by up to 20%. With planned maintenance inspections in place you can ensure compliance and save energy!

Maintenance – It is important to regularly service the air conditioning unit to ensure any poorly maintained components can be replaced as this can have a negative affect on energy consumption. Things to consider include cleaning the filters and vents and inspecting the fans regularly so that the unit is not being over-worked.  Annual specialist maintenance is also advised so that a full HVAC examination can take place – this is vital in ensuring that no unforeseen breakdowns will occur.

This is where CB Refrigeration come in! Give us a call today so we can arrange a visit from one of our fully qualified engineers. We can ensure a fully functioning air conditioning unit that will not only improve the system’s performance but could also save you money in the long run!