Is your cellar cooling system out of date?

As a professional within the food and drinks industry, you will be aware that optimum quality products require optimum quality storage, this means that a cellar must be kept at a constant temperature of between 11.5˚c and 13.5˚c. Achieving this range of temperature range can account for up to 50% of total energy required for drink chilling, which in itself accounts for an average pub’s total energy expenditure.

To put things clearly, if your cellar cooling system is inefficient, you will be wasting a lot of money! So, is your system inefficient? If you have an older version cooling system, then they produce just 1KW of energy from 1KW of electricity. When compared to modern systems that can more than triple the cooling energy from the same level of electricity, it is clear to see that this can lead to an improvement in efficiency and significant savings. To install a new system, it could mean an initial expenditure, but it will soon pay for itself and within a short space of time.

At CB Refrigeration Ltd, we offer a range of well-known cellar cooling systems from Beermaster and Hubbard which we will see through from supply, to installation, to service.

Beermaster outdoor condensing units are designed to minimise sound levels, which together with an acoustic kit option enables a further 6 dB(A)reduction, in noise sensitive locations. The Beermaster Indoor evaporator compact design incorporates a highly efficient EC axial fanset, reducing sound, resonance and vibration, therefore minimising sound break out into bar and accommodation areas.

The Hubbard ‘Premium’ range features the latest design technology, guaranteeing both performance and energy efficiency resulting in reduced running costs.

Premium condensing units are located in weatherproofed housings for maximum outdoor durability and matched to an indoor evaporator operating on low GWP Refrigerant.

This new system is ideally suited for both new and replacement cellar installations. Designed for all year round temperature control, the Premium system offers cooling and heating as standard.

Fully qualified and knowledgeable staff are on hand to talk you through which systems are best for your establishment.

Give our team a call today-02920 861627 or drop us an email- and we can arrange a consultation.