Cold Storage for Vegetable Producers

Within the food processing industry, efficient temperature facilities during all storage stages is crucial to keep short-life products fresh.

According to Farming UK, the value of the vegetable industry is expected to reach £3 billion by 2019, which is an increase of 2.1% since 2017. Organic vegetables have become more popular over the past few years. Consumers are taking more of an interest in eating healthy and buying fresh produce. The Soil Association’s 2018 Organic Market Report, reveals the UK organic market is now worth more than ever at £2.2 billion, growing 6% in 2017. The market has now had six years of steady growth. Farm Business reports that this is due to an evolving consumer profile-millennial’s are now the biggest customer group, as they show huge interest in food provenance and health.

The impact of cold storage…

The time-frame of how long vegetables remain fresh for highly depends on how and where the produce is stored. Fresh fruit and vegetables only stay fresh for more than a few days without cold storage. As soon as fresh produce is harvested, it begins to deteriorate, and bacteria will start to develop. Therefore, effective food storage is a critical part of the fresh produce process.

Cold storage is a method widely used to keep vegetables in a fresh state for longer, by controlling the temperature and humidity with a cold storage system. It is critical that the temperature is properly maintained as the produce will be affected if it stored at too high or too low a temperate. The Research Gate point out that to maintain Vitamin C within the produce, cold storage temperatures can vary depending on the produce between 0-10 degrees, with a humidity of 80-95%. To slow down the process of deterioration, the temperature of the cold storage room needs to be at an appropriate level. However, if the temperature is too low the produce will be damaged.

CB Refrigeration cold storage rooms can store large amounts of produce at optimum temperature to accommodate your vegetables. We offer variable sizes and options in our commercial refrigeration solutions, including fully bespoke cold storage projects to tailor your produce, ensuring it most efficiently meets your repository needs.

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