Butchery/ Meat Refrigeration Solutions

Businesses in the meat and poultry trade will understand the crucial responsibility of chilling and freezing food in order to store safe, quality meat products for consumers.

CB Refrigeration Ltd install refrigeration systems to meet almost any application. We understand the need to both control temperature air flow and humidity within your sector.

With additional maintenance plan options, we can help keep your storage facilities optimised to run efficiently to help protect your produce and ensure quality. Here are a few extra tips to assist with the cold preservation of meat products.

Chilling meats – temperatures and guidelines

Bacteria develops very rapidly in raw, unfrozen meat and therefore should be dealt with care to prevent wastage and the threat of illness. Chilled meat and poultry should be kept in a refrigerated container at a temperature no higher than 4°c to prevent any harmful incidents. It is also recommended that the chiller units should not be over-filled as this causes meat to chill at a slower rate and therefore accelerate the rate of bacterial growth.

Freezing meats – temperatures and guidelines

It is crucial that raw meat is dealt with properly to ensure no harmful bacteria can develop during the freezing process. Due to its time sensitive nature, prolonging the life of your meat for as long as possible is vital. It is required by law that raw meats are stored at -18°c and anything warmer than this should not be served.

Due to not all cuts of meat being equal, length of storage times will reflect this. It is important to remember fat and water content as well when storing meat, as this too will have an effect on the quality of frozen meat.

Here is a quick guide of how long you can freeze meat for in a commercial unit:

Beef Pork Lamb Beef Mince Veal Sausages
12 months 8 months 12 months 6 months 10 months 6 months

To assist with the above, CB Refrigeration Ltd install bespoke cold rooms and freezers operating at a wide range of temperatures from -35°c to 60°c; equipped with specialist air velocity and humidity control systems. Additional accessories applicable to this industry can also be fitted such as meat hooks, shelving and specialist flooring and safety entrapment alarms.

If you would like to speak to us regarding fitting a bespoke cold storage unit, call our team today on 02920 861627, or email us for a quick response at sales@cbrefrigerationltd.co.uk.