Part two: Retail cold storage – fresh food, less waste, more profit.

Our last blog went into detail about the importance of keeping on top of correct cold storage procedures and health and safety. Here at CB Refrigeration, we offer bespoke coldrooms tailored to meet your needs, along with advanced monitoring systems to ensure efficient long-term operation.

Cold storage for fresh food

Having an efficient coldroom tailored to your needs will ensure a cost-effective stock management system. This is a great way of keeping your produce at the temperature it is needed to be kept at, ensuring a fresh delivery for your customers.

At CB Refrigeration, we provide bespoke coldrooms with individual specifications to suit your needs. From design to installation, we will ensure a personable approach to your coldroom, whether it be panel types, flooring, door systems, shelving and any other accessories. We offer Polyurethane (PU) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panel types, plywood, aluminum treadplate, stainless steel and concrete flooring, sliding, fast-action, hinged doors, and powder coated, stainless steel or bespoke shelving units. Accessories we offer also include removable ramps, heater mats and weatherproof roofs for outdoor units.

Reduce down-time

There are steps you can take when storing food in your coldroom which we touched on in the previous blog, but CB Refrigeration can assist you with reducing down-time with an intuitive control monitoring system. We can help you to maximise the efficiency of your coldroom with features such as remote access, desktop applications, add-on modules to match the requirements of your installation, and an energy saving management system.

Quality and safety

We mentioned the basic procedures you can follow when handling produce, but there are also safety measures CB Refrigeration can help with. Bespoke coldrooms can be fitted with entrapment alarms to avoid any kind of human error, door faults or any other accident. We will liaise with you on what type of alarm would be best suited, whether it be an emergency push button, or a pull-cord.


When using bigger cold stores and blast freezing units, a monitoring device needs to be fitted to ensure temperatures stay at the correct levels, here at CB Refrigeration, we are able to install such monitoring devices suited to your needs.


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