CB Case Study: Allan Reeder Ltd

Client: Allan Reeder Ltd 

Date: January 2019 

Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Feltham 

Sector: Dairy Wholesaler


Allan Reeder Ltd is a long-established family business dedicated to the wholesale supply of quality assured dairy products in and around London. The business has grown from a start-up business in 1971 to become one of London’s leading diary suppliers. They work with a range of sectors such as, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, hotels bakers, delicatessens and contract caterers.


Allan Reeder are a long-standing client of GH Coastal Cooling, who asked them to provide a turnkey chilled distribution centre. GH Coastal Cooling then sourced CB Refrigeration Ltd as the main contractor for the refrigeration services. CB Refrigeration Ltd were contracted by GH Coastal Cooling to design, procure and install refrigeration equipment, controls, lighting and to adapt an existing monitoring system to a new facility for their long-time client. CB Refrigeration Ltd manage projects from design through to installation and provide additional support through an after-care plan. Our skilled and experienced engineering team provide a very high standard of quality, service and reliability.

The Dairy Cold room was an irregular shape and at its extremes is 73000(l) x 38000(w) x 8000(h)


CB Refrigeration Ltd were asked to design a refrigeration system to cool this large space in the most cost-effective way, both considering initial capital expenditure and lifetime cost. After looking at numerous options CB Refrigeration Ltd agreed with the client to split the cooling requirement across two refrigeration pack systems (to offer redundancy and to reduce cost VS a series of small systems or one large system) and selected evaporators to incorporate air straighteners with additional casing to reduce evaporator fan running costs and to include all valves and services within the evaporator casing.

Ayjay Group designed a lighting system with automatic switching of each light fitting to save additional energy along with electrical and control services.

CB Refrigeration and Ayjay Group carried out all project management for the installation including health and safety and co-ordination with other trades and CDM.

GH Coastal Cooling Ltd

  • Alongside the key chilled distribution building (contracted to CB), GH Coastal Cooling provided other project management and installation services to other areas which included: Electrical vehicle charge points, signage, mains distribution & upgrade, air-conditioning & ventilation solutions to office spaces.


CB Refrigeration Ltd – Designed, procured and installed a complete refrigeration solution…


  • Provided 8no. 32KW -5c evaporators
  • Honey
  • comb air straighteners capable of 30% additional throw
  • Fan isolators
     with hinged plates
  • Additional 300mm to cooler end
  • Easy clean
  • Light Defrost






Refrigeration Packs:

  • Provided 2 no. 120KW -5C R448/449 Refrigeration Packs
  • 3 compressors with 2 Bitzer 22Hp Ecolines and 1 Bitzer 15Hp Varispeed ecoline as lead compressor for optimum capacity control.
  • Accessories and safety control
  • Dual certified PRV
  • RDM control and back up
  • Common base frame to condenser with vinyl coating and all mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Weatherproof housing with hinged doors and canopy
  • Other accessories including lighting and localised small power.








 Steel Support Structure (CB Refrigeration Ltd/Ayjay Group)

  • Installing following structural survey powder coated steel work to support each of the 500Kg evaporators.






Electrical – Ayjay Group

  • Containment for all mechanical and electrical services, interconnecting wiring and monitoring probes.
  • Monitoring system


Lighting – Ayjay Group

  • Designed and Installed all wiring and LED lighting system
  • Installation including automated lighting system
  • Emergency








  Mechanical installation – CB Refrigeration

  • Designed and Installed all evaporators, pack systems and interconnecting pipework








Commissioning – CB Refrigeration

  • Commissioned all systems and RDM touch monitoring system.
  • Calibrated all thermocouples for accuracy
  • Left unit in operation
  • Produced detailed O&M for mechanical and electrical services related to the above



  • Complete design and installation for the specification outlined by the customer
  • As a specialist subcontractor and project lead, we were able to group specialist skill sets of a variety of suppliers to meet the needs of the brief
  • Our dedicated project manager oversaw the installation to provide a seamless customer solution
  • Unique specification, quality installation


Why Use Us?

  • CB Refrigeration Ltd can deliver a variety of temperature- controlled solutions to meet specification
  • Deliver value for money without compromise on quality
  • Providing a bespoke solution

We can project manage any type of installation to provide you with a more efficient and cost-effective solution