AF Blakemore and Son – A Refrigeration Solution

A.F. Blakemore and Son Ltd. is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the UK, having been established over 100 years ago. With food and drink being at the core of their ever-changing business, over the years they have expanded into the retail, wholesale and distribution sectors. A.F. Blakemore is also the largest division of SPAR UK, owning more than 280 stores and serving over 1000 across England and Wales.

CB Refrigeration Ltd along with Ayjay Group Ltd had the privilege of working with A.F. Blakemore as they required an installation of a large loading bay for ambient and chilled goods and an efficient refrigeration plant which understood the need for additional loads and goods.

After several joint meetings between CB Refrigeration and Ayjay Group, A.F. Blakemore trusted that we understood what their requirements were. Accurate plant drawings were supplied, along with fit-for-purpose and commercially viable specifications and design. As part of our customer centric-approach, we suggested energy efficient products and processes which not only satisfied our client but gave them the opportunity of long-term cost savings and operation. 


Our answer to this challenge was to:

  • Design a large pack refrigeration solution (using British builder Arctic Circle) with industrial Searle Dual Discharge Coolers (ideal for low ceilings with large floor space).
  • For more cooling efficiency we also installed air-curtains and a full Resource Data Management monitoring system, which offered the customer control at a touch of a button.
  • This control meant that the customer now had the ability to monitor issues and resolve them quickly, in-turn, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Install a coldroom lighting upgrade using Lumino LED lighting with motion detection.
  • Install the mains distribution system for the new plant.




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